Friday, February 18, 2011

James C. Cobb On My Forthcoming Novel

I've long regarded James C. Cobb -- a distinguished professor at the University of Georgia and author of many books, including The South and America Since World War II, Away Down South: A History of Southern Identity, and The Most Southern Place on Earth -- as the reigning contemporary voice on southern history and culture (and a marvelous writer to boot). So I was humbled and thrilled when Dr. Cobb agreed to read an early draft of my forthcoming novel FALL LINE, due out this October from NewSouth Books, and then had this to say:

Starnes's evocatively southern story may well have readers wanting to check their shoes for red mud or find an old hound to pat. Fall Line's message transcends region, however, leaving us at once troubled by man's sins against nature and himself, yet knowing somehow that both will endure.

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