Saturday, March 13, 2021

Just What Leaks: My Film Work Debut

One of my favorite writers I've discovered in Philadelphia — the city where I've lived in or near going on fifteen years — is a man who knows its streets and structures well. Tony Knighton, a Philadelphia firefighter of more than thirty years, has published two excellent books, Happy Hour and Other Philadelphia Cruelties, a novella and short stories from 2015, and Three Hours Past Midnight, a novel from 2017. I count myself fortunate to have befriended Tony, and I enjoyed working on Just What Leaks, a short documentary about him that his brother Ted directed that was selected by the Media, Pennsylvania Film Festival. I served as the off-camera interviewer and helped shaped the narrative for my associate producer credit. It debuts virtually on April 9, and will be available to view through May 9. Check out the trailer, watch our short greeting, and buy yourself a ticket.

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