Friday, June 6, 2014

RED DIRT: A New Novel, and a French Open Story

The contributor's note to my new article on The Classical about my experience at the French Open that included seeing an 18-16 fifth set also marks the first public announcement of my next novel. 

RED DIRT: A TENNIS NOVEL, will be published by Breakaway Books in spring 2015. It is the story of Jaxie Skinner, an unlikely tennis pro from a blue-collar family in rural Georgia.  At 18, he qualifies for the French Open and reaches the semifinals, but then plummets as quickly as he rose. After wasted years off, he mounts a long comeback in the grind of the satellite tours, setting his sights on reaching the U.S. Open.

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Carol C. said...

Sounds like another fine read by you. I am looking forward to enjoying it, especially because of the tennis connection-one of my favorite pasttimes.