Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fall Line, Revision, and Contemporary Topics

I had a great time as the visiting writer at Kennesaw State University, in large part because I was a guest of Tony Grooms, a brilliant writer and the first creative writing teacher I ever had (UGA, back a quarter century or so) and one of the very best. 

But I also was very flattered by the interest of the KSU students and the faculty in my novel. I tremendously appreciate this blog post -- Sam Starnes and the R Word -- about my class visits by Jeffrey Cebulski, a senior lecturer in the English Department.  His students wrote about contemporary comparisons of the novel, and several analyzed my main character Elmer Blizzard as being a victim of PTSD from the war.  Another compared the poker game scene with insider trading on Wall Street, an analysis that I hadn't thought of but have to say I liked very much.


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