Thursday, February 23, 2012

Essay on Eagles and Vick: The Trauma and the Pity

The marvelous sports web site The Classical is willing to run long form pieces, and I'm happy to have them publish my essay "The Trauma and the Pity."

Here's how they describe it: "At the game that marked the turning point in the Philadelphia Eagles' disappointing season, a novelist and longtime football fan found karaoke and Yuengling in the parking lot, and all kinds of uncomfortable inklings in the stands."

Pictured is of one of Vick's biggest fans.

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Anonymous said...

Nice piece, but I can't help but feel that a lot of this was painting Philly fans in an unsympathetic, one-dimensional light. There is something fatalistic about it; Philly is doomed to have a dying QB, and the fans, ungrateful as they are, rage on, ignorant of his coming demise.
The gut response I had, a Philly sports fan myself, was, "ouch. This dude really has some schadenfreude concerning this city's sports fanbase".
The pacing and exposition were solid and led me to a thorough reading of the entire article. I'd just like to give you this feedback as a reader and give my attempt at analysis of the piece.