Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fishing, Fast Cars and Lake Homes

Click here to see my profile of Logan Martin Lake in the May 23 edition of The New York Times.

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Joe Paul Abbott said...

Samuel Starnes,

I enjoyed your artclie about great homes and destinations on Logan Martin Lake. My Dad and myself have been a big proponet of this lake since the mid sixties when Alabama Power developed it.I would love to tell you some stories of riding around with him as a 10 year old, through hay fields he said would be covered with water. The lake is entering a whole new phase of development over the next ten years and fortunately I am part of one of these new breed of residential developments. "Horizons" on Logan Martin ( ) Lake is a new kind of Lake Community, attempting to mimic the beach atmosphere at much less cost. The Yacht Club on Logan Martin Lake and Lincoln Harbor are resort as well as permanent developments already enjoying great success in their early construction stages. I would welcome the opportunity to spend the day with you in Pell City or should I say Cropwell and on the lake to tell the story of the beginning of Lake Logan Martin until now. Thanks for your time.

Joe Paul Abbott