Friday, November 23, 2007

Bavaria in the Blue Ridge

Click here to read my profile of Helen, Ga., the Alpine-styled town in the North Georgia mountains, that ran in The New York Times on Friday, Nov. 23.

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GaMtnRealtor said...

Dear Sam,

Thank you SO much for the article about Bavaria In Blue Ridge- spotlighting the magical place that is Helen, Georgia.

I am also glad that you stresed the fact that second homes and income investment properties are affordable in the North Georgia Mountains- and there is great allure.

We are the closest mountains in the South- and only 85-90 miles to Atlanta and a "day trip" from Florida-

I was so pleased when you asked to meet with me for an interview about the area and made me part of the creative process.

As you can tell- I really LOVE this area of the country- love the people who live here and REALLY love my real estate profession, because I meet so many wonderful people from all around the world!

I know your article is going to generate a lot of interest- and I look forward to assisting Buyers and Sellers of North Georgia Mountain property.

Have a fabulous Holiday Season!

Harriet Carter
North Georgia Mountain Realty


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