Saturday, May 18, 2019

My Literary Podcast

I’ve been fortunate that over the years that I’ve gotten to know and befriend many authors whose work I admire. Quite a few have been publishing great new books lately, and several were kind enough to join me to talk about their work on the initial episodes of Writers Latitude, my new literary podcast.

You can find the podcast in iTunes and Spotify or check out the website now and listen to interviews with Kevin Catalano, author of the novel Where the Sun Shines Out; Jessica Handler, author of the newly released and highly acclaimed novel The Magnetic Girl; and William Hastings, author of the novel The Howling Ages and the nonfiction memoir/essay The Hard Way

Other authors in the pipeline include Philadelphia crime fiction author Tony Knighton and Mickey Hess, a versatile writer whose most recent book is Guest in the House of Hip Hop: How Rap Music Taught a Kid from Kentucky What a White Ally Should Be.

With the help of my friend and producer Anthony Sergi, we’ll be putting out a new podcast each month at Follow me on Facebook @joesamuelstarneswriter or on Twitter @JSamuelStarnes for alerts to new shows.

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